Impact Analysis

Decision-makers must face the cruel reality of a fast-changing business environment today. Natural disasters, changes in government policy, raw material prices and competitive landscape among other things keep bankers and industry leaders on their toes. A team of analysts and economists at Acuité Knowledge Center aims to provide an independent and unbiased account of such events and their impact on businesses and the Indian economy. We believe such analysis and alerts can play a vital role in mitigating risks arising from such events.


01/03/2021Q3 FY21 GDP: Rising from the ashes
16/02/2021Jan-21 Trade Balance: Visible Normalization
15/02/2021Dec-20 IIP: Coming full circle
15/02/2021Jan-21 CPI Inflation: Finally at the 4.0% target!
09/02/2021RBI Monetary Policy : Status quo on rates; calibration on liquidity
18/01/2021Dec-20 Trade Balance: Nascent signs of a healing economy
14/01/2021Nov-20 IIP: Don’t miss the wood for the trees
14/01/2021Dec-20 CPI Inflation: A reset in the trajectory