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Rating Analyst - Bond & Bank Loan Ratings

Position: Rating Analyst - Bond & Bank Loan Ratings

Minimum Qualification: MBA - Finance / CA

Prior Experience: 2 - 5 years

Location: Hyderabad & Kolkata

Salary Band: As per industry standards

Other Benefits: Family Health Insurance

Job Description: 

The Analyst shall always uphold Acuité’s policies and values and shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Explain the analytical process and information requirement to the client
  2. Interact with client for information, data and documents needed for rating
  3. Meet/interact with management team/promoters of the client at periodic intervals
  4. Oversee the data entry process whereby data (Financial/Non-financial) is uploaded on Acuité’s rating workflow/databases and ensure highest quality
  5. Prepare the rating note containing rating recommendation in a time bound manner by following:
    • Highest ethical standards, independence and objectivity
    • Acuité’s policies
    • Acuité’s rating criteria
  6. Present the rating note to the Rating Committee
  7. Inform the rating/rating changes to the client orally
  8. Follow up with client for Letter of Acceptance
  9. Provide clarification to clients on rating, reasons thereof
  10. Process requests for appeal/withdrawal etc. as per Acuité’s policies
  11.  Keep himself/herself always updated with prevailing regulatory guidelines, Acuité’s rating criteria and policies
  12. Keep himself updated on economic and industry level factors that may influence rating movement
  13. Conduct surveillance and review as per Acuité’s policies

Senior analysts shall, in addition, be responsible for training new analysts.

Business Development

Position: Business Development

Minimum Qualification: Any Graduate – Post Graduate with a financial academic background

Prior Experience: 1 - 3 years

Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Gujarat

Salary Band: As per industry standards

Other Benefits: 

Job Description: 

 Acuité, India's prominent credit rating and research company, is looking for candidates interested in making a career in Business Development / Corporate Sales.

The role involves industry research, new client acquisition, and interactions with bankers, CXOs, and various decision makers to showcase Acuité's expertise and service offerings.

It will present you opportunities to interact with heads of the organizations and opinion makers, enhancing the richness of your career.

Graduates with up to 3 years of relevant experience, outstanding communication skills, a knack for sales and ambitious career aspirations may apply



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Our exciting journey started in 2005 with rating of bank borrowers most of whom were small and medium enterprises. At that time, credit rating was a concept known only to large issuers of capital market instruments. Since then, like a caterpillar transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly, we transformed to rate bonds, bank facilities of large corporates and issuers across industries. Along came many achievements - SEBI Registration in 2011, RBI accreditation in 2012, 50,000 ratings in 2018, 5,000 Bond and Bank Loan Ratings in 2017, launch of India's first Android and iPhone app to disseminate rating, tamper-proof QR-code-enabled rating rationales, and SMERA Terminal to name a few.

Now is the time to re-emphasize our increasing footprint across all segments of ratings through the launch of our new name - 'Acuité'.

The name has changed. The spirit of upholding highest standards of analytical rigour, continuous improvement, excellence in our processes and quest for innovation remains the same. We would like to re-emphasize that we will continue to work hard to provide independent, unbiased and timely opinion of highest standard.

Acuité means 'sharpness and clarity of thought and vision'. Let our research and ratings help you take decisions with confidence.

Sankar Chakraborti