Prime Acuité Credit Rating Migrations Database

Comprehensive intelligence on daily and historical rating actions

PRIME Database and Acuité Ratings have collaborated to offer PRIME Acuité Credit Rating Migration Database. The database offers comprehensive intelligence on daily and historical rating actions announced by SEBI registered credit rating agencies. It covers rating actions / announcements on all Bank loans/ facilities, all long-term & short-term debt instruments including, Bonds & Debentures, PTCs, CPs, Fixed Deposits and also Issuer Ratings by all 7 credit rating agencies since 1st April 2015.

We understand, investors / lenders face the challenge of conducting multiple searches to access and verify the latest rating actions, changes and rating history which is extremely critical for all stakeholders involved in credit decisions, risk management and treasury operations.

PRIME Acuité Credit Rating Migration Database caters to this problem by providing a simple and intuitive search using 23 parameters including ISIN, Issuer/borrower name, industry, location, key financial indicators, instrument category, amount, rating action, rating outlook and so on.

The database covers over 58,000 issuers and more than 3,25,000 rating announcements across all 7 rating agencies. Other features include reports on newly rated companies, modified credit ratio and number of non-cooperating issuers. Data is available in excel format and also through API based access. Industry risk scores, Industry & Macroeconomic Research, and Impact Analysis reports are value added services available to subscribers.

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