Unaccepted Ratings

Acuité discloses the ratings that remain unaccepted 30 days after the communication of Rating. In compliance with SEBI circular effective May 30, 2018, all non-accepted ratings shall be disclosed on the website of Acuité for a period of 12 months from the date of such rating being disclosed as a non-accepted rating on the website. Supplementary disclosures

Name of the
Sector Instrument Type Issue Size
(In Cr.)
Date of Non Acceptance Listing Status Long Term Rating Outlook Short Term Rating
MUMBAI PORT TRUST Shipping transport infrastructure servicesIssuer Rating0.00 24-Jul-21 Unlisted ACUITE AA+ Stable ACUITE A1+
MUNIRAJU T N Storage & distributionBank Facilities11.00 5-Nov-21 Unlisted ACUITE B+ Stable -
MYTRAH ENERGY (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED Renewable electricityCommercial Paper100.00 3-Jun-21 Unlisted ACUITE D - -
NAC JEWELLERS PRIVATE LIMITED Retail tradingBank Facilities35.00 8-Jul-21 Unlisted ACUITE BB+ Stable -
NARAYANI SONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED MineralsBank Facilities12.50 17-Jun-21 Unlisted ACUITE BBB+ Stable ACUITE A2
NEEV CREDIT PRIVATE LIMITED Other fund based financial servicesBank Facilities11.00 3-Dec-21 Unlisted ACUITE BB Stable -
NEW ERA EDUCATION SOCIETY EducationBank Facilities30.00 4-Oct-21 Unlisted ACUITE BB+ Stable -
NEW MODERN TECHNOMECH PRIVATE LIMITED Infrastructural constructionBank Facilities90.00 7-Jan-22 Unlisted ACUITE BB Stable ACUITE A4+
NEW MODERN TECHNOMECH PRIVATE LIMITED Other ferrous metal productsBank Facilities90.00 30-Jan-22 Unlisted ACUITE BB Stable ACUITE A4+
NILACHAL IRON AND POWER LIMITED Other ferrous metal productsBank Facilities15.00 4-Nov-21 Unlisted ACUITE BBB+ Stable -
NIROS ISPAT PRIVATE LIMITED SteelBank Facilities15.00 24-Jul-21 Unlisted ACUITE BBB+ Stable -
NITIKA PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALITIES PRIVATE LIMITED Drugs & pharmaceuticalsBank Facilities12.90 12-Jul-21 Unlisted ACUITE BB+ Stable -
NIVASTI DEVELOPERS LLP Housing constructionBank Facilities12.50 2-Aug-21 Unlisted ACUITE BB- Stable -
OPERA GLOBAL PRIVATE LIMITED Readymade garmentsBank Facilities25.00 30-Jan-22 Unlisted ACUITE D - ACUITE D
ORANGE RETAIL FINANCE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED-Tracy 03 2022 Other fund based financial servicesPass Through Certificates (PTCs)5.33 10-Apr-22 Unlisted ACUITE Provisional BBB+(SO) - -
P S STEEL TUBES LIMITED Other ferrous metal productsBank Facilities10.00 28-May-21 Unlisted ACUITE BB Stable -
PALMA GUMLA HIGHWAY PRIVATE LIMITED Infrastructural constructionIssuer Rating0.00 9-Jul-21 Unlisted ACUITE A- Stable -
PAN HEALTH AND HYGIENE PRIVATE LIMITED Other consumer goodsBank Facilities15.00 19-Jun-21 Unlisted ACUITE BBB- Stable -
PAN TEX NONWOVEN PRIVATE LIMITED Other textilesBank Facilities15.00 19-Jun-21 Unlisted ACUITE BBB- Stable -
PANACEA BIOTEC LIMITED Drugs & pharmaceuticalsBank Facilities50.00 3-Sep-21 Listed ACUITE BB+ Stable -
PANACEA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Other electronicsBank Facilities10.00 3-Feb-22 Unlisted ACUITE BB+ Stable -
PARANJAPE SPACES AND SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Housing constructionBank Facilities10.00 23-May-22 Unlisted ACUITE B Stable -
PARMESHWARI SILK MILLS LIMITED Readymade GarmentsBank Facilities10.00 7-Mar-22 Listed ACUITE BB+ Stable -
PARVATI SWEETNERS & POWER LIMITED SugarBank Facilities10.00 1-Apr-22 Listed ACUITE BB Stable -
PAVASIYA EXPORTS Gems & jewelleryBank Facilities5.50 24-Jun-21 Unlisted - - ACUITE A4