CSR Annual Activity Plan -F.Y 2021-2022

Acuité proposes to undertake, support, and implement CSR initiatives in the following areas:

  • Promoting Education: Providing financial support to students / differently abled students from underprivileged sections of the society to pursue higher education and to provide support to schools in remote areas to upgrade their educational infrastructure, to create awareness about science, sports, etc.

  • Rehabilitation of orphans, children with special needs, etc:
    1. Engage to care, protect and empower destitute and deprived members of the society with special emphasis on orphan / destitute children and marginalized unskilled youth.
    2. Provide an opportunity to a differently abled person to live a dignified life making maximum use of his/her abilities through primary care, training and education leading to empowerment.

  • Upskilling of Women: Undertake activities aimed at empowering women by imparting employable skills to them so that they can live life of dignity, self-respect and independence.
  • Local Area / Community Development: Undertaking activities in areas of financial literacy, investor education, career guidance, counselling, basic infrastructure to schools, etc.
  • Any other activity as may be deemed fit by the Committee in accordance with Schedule VII of the Act.
  • Budgets and Approvals:
    1. Budget for the FY 2021-22: Rs. 23.30 lakhs.
    2. Fund will be disbursed in phase/tranche wise depending on the nature of the project.

    Manner of Execution of Projects
    All projects will be implemented through Acuité or partner NGO’s or agencies registered with MCA for CSR activities.

    Modalities of utilization of funds and implementation of schedule for the projects
    All the CSR projects will be implemented as per the procedure scheduled timeline laid down by the implementing agency/ies.

    Monitoring & Reporting of the project under each program
    Monitoring of the CSR Activities will be done through periodical review, field visits or obtaining periodical reports, utilization report / certificate, etc.

    Impact assessments
    Obtain feedback from various beneficiaries of CSR Projects / Activities / Programmes undertaken by the Company to measure their benefits, if deemed necessary by the CSR Committee.

    The Company may take up additional projects other than those stated above, with the approval of the Board from time to time based on recommendation of CSR Committee.