Guidelines for site visit

Last Reviewed On: 07 May, 2021 (Version 1.0)

Acuite has the following approach with respect to site visit as part of rating exercise.

  1. Acuite will endeavour to conduct site visits for entities undergoing ratings
    1. A "site" could ordinarily mean to include an office / service delivery centre / factory / manufacturing unit / business centre / shared office unit or any establishment called by any other name whatsoever, from where the key official(s) / authorised representative(s) of the entity undergoing the rating exercise operate.
    2. The "site" is where an interaction with the concerned representative from the management team of the entity is expected. However, this need not be necessarily the only interaction.
    3. Acuite will endeavour to conduct a site visit for every rated entity in the:
      1. investment grade (or an investment grade rating recommendation with respect to a new case) at least once in every two (02) review cycles, subject to points 2 and 3 below
      2. sub-investment grade (or such a rating recommendation) at least once in three (03) review cycles, subject to points 2 and 3 below
  2. Given site visits involves additional time, effort and expenses, Acuite will request the entity to make arrangements (travel and/or accommodation, as applicable) for such a visit OR alternatively charge the expenses "on actuals" for such site visits to the concerned entity. While the reimbursement of such site visit expenses is included as a clause in the rating agreement, entities that express a lack of willingness or actually fail to honour the same will be excluded from the list of future site visits and will cease to be covered under these guidelines. Acuite will not conduct site visits in any subsequent period for such entities.
  3. Site visits will be subject to the applicable rules and permissions of the local / municipal / district / state / central authorities. Understandably, any travel restrictions imposed by the relevant authority (s) in case of any pandemic or force majeure events or any other reason is expected to result in deviations from these guidelines.