Disclosure on managing conflict of interest

Last Reviewed On: December 30, 2016

  1. Acuité has operationally separated its credit rating analytical team from any other businesses of Acuité that present a conflict of interest
  2. Acuité discloses the general nature of its compensation arrangements with the rated entities.
  3. When Acuité receives compensation from a rated entity unrelated to its credit rating services, Acuité would disclose such unrelated compensation as a percentage of total annual compensation received from such rated entity.
  4. Acuité would make a disclosure if it receives 10 percent or more of its annual revenue from a single rated entity.
  5. Acuité would not trade in instruments presenting a conflict of interest with Acuité’s credit rating of the concerned entity, if rated by Acuité.
  6. Acuité's employee who participates in a credit rating action with respect to an entity would not be compensated or evaluated on the basis of the amount of revenue that Acuité would derive from that entity.
  7. Acuité's employees who participate in a credit rating action would not participate in discussions with rated entities regarding fees or payments charged to such rated entity.
  8. Acuité may review, where the compliance officer finds it so necessary, the past work of an analyst who leaves the employment of Acuité and joins an entity that the employee has participated in the rating exercise.
  9. This policy is complementary to the gift policy and the policy for dealing with conflict of interest for trading and investment, which is currently in force and/or that may be adopted by Acuité from time to time.
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Our exciting journey started in 2005 with rating of bank borrowers most of whom were small and medium enterprises. At that time, credit rating was a concept known only to large issuers of capital market instruments. Since then, like a caterpillar transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly, we transformed to rate bonds, bank facilities of large corporates and issuers across industries. Along came many achievements - SEBI Registration in 2011, RBI accreditation in 2012, 50,000 ratings in 2018, 5,000 Bond and Bank Loan Ratings in 2017, launch of India's first Android and iPhone app to disseminate rating, tamper-proof QR-code-enabled rating rationales, and SMERA Terminal to name a few.

Now is the time to re-emphasize our increasing footprint across all segments of ratings through the launch of our new name - 'Acuité'.

The name has changed. The spirit of upholding highest standards of analytical rigour, continuous improvement, excellence in our processes and quest for innovation remains the same. We would like to re-emphasize that we will continue to work hard to provide independent, unbiased and timely opinion of highest standard.

Acuité means 'sharpness and clarity of thought and vision'. Let our research and ratings help you take decisions with confidence.

Sankar Chakraborti