Policy for Appeal by Issuers against Rating being assigned to its Instruments (Policy for Appeal)

Last Reviewed On: July 1, 2017 (Version 1.0)

  1. Appeal:
  2. The client can appeal for a reconsideration of rating, within five (05) days of communication of the rating, provided materially significant fresh / new information is submitted by the client, which was not provided earlier. A request for appeal will be accepted only once and acted upon at the discretion of Acuité.

  3. Appeal Process:

    For the purpose of appeal:

    • Acuité shall carry out a critical review of the new data and developments, if any.
    • In case the exercise indicates a need for a revision in the ratings / outlook earlier assigned, the concerned rating analyst shall present an appeal note to the Rating Committee and the Rating assigned (revised or reaffirmed as the case may be) shall be communicated to the client.