Roles and Responsibilities of Credit Rating Analyst

Updated As On: 30 December 2016 (Version 1)

The Analyst shall always uphold Acuité's policies and values and shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Explain the analytical process and information requirement to the client
  2. Interact with client for information, data and documents needed for rating
  3. Meet/interact with management team/promoters of the client at periodic intervals
  4. Oversee the data entry process whereby data (Financial/Non-financial) is uploaded on Acuité's rating workflow/databases and ensure highest quality
  5. Prepare the rating note containing rating recommendation in a time bound manner by following:
    • Highest ethical standards, independence and objectivity
    • Acuité's policies
    • Acuité's rating criteria
  6. Present the rating note to the Rating Committee
  7. Inform the rating/rating changes to the client orally
  8. Follow up with client for Letter of Acceptance
  9. Provide clarification to clients on rating, reasons thereof
  10. Process requests for appeal/withdrawal etc. as per Acuité's policies
  11.  Keep himself/herself always updated with prevailing regulatory guidelines, Acuité's rating criteria and policies
  12. Keep himself updated on economic and industry level factors that may influence rating movement
  13. Conduct surveillance and review as per Acuité's policies

Senior analysts shall, in addition, be responsible for training new analysts.