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Suman Chowdhury, President-Ratings speaks about the impact of Make In India and GST on the manufacturing sector, in an article by Rebecca Bundhun in The National

07 Aug 2018

The National

"It's definitely one of the very well-intentioned programmes that was launched because India was losing its competitiveness in manufacturing,” says Suman Chowdhury, the president of ratings, at Acuité Ratings and Research based in Mumbai. "Make in India is there precisely to improve the competitiveness and encourage the growth of manufacturing in a big way. I think from that perspective the benefits are still to be seen.”

RBI hikes rates by 25 bps in August MPC Meet - Karan Mehrishi, Lead Economist shares his views on the development with the media

01 Aug 2018

The Economic Times | IIFL | The Week

"Even though domestic factors such as rising core inflation, likely impact of farm MSP hikes and a depreciating currency are at play, we believe that MPC is also playing catch up with the normalization happening in the developed world. Today's meeting coincides with the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) concluding remarks (due in a few hours) - which is expected to lose its accommodative stance, auguring more hikes. As a result, the US long term yields are already hitting the 3% mark. Maintenance of an attractive yield differential was therefore paramount for the MPC at this time"

Acuité Ratings & Research, President-Ratings, Suman Chowdhury shares with Rebecca Bundhun The National the impact of GST rationalisation on the Indian economy at large

29 Jul 2018

The National

"The reduction of GST on items will boost consumption in the economy and is likely to have a positive impact on the domestic manufacturing ecosystem,” says Suman Chowdhury, the president of Ratings, at Acuité Ratings & Research based in Mumbai. "However, such rationalisation would lead to revenue losses for the government.”

Acuité Ratings & Research, President-Ratings, Suman Chowdhury shares his views on India’s economic outlook

29 Jul 2018

The National

"A fairly satisfactory progress of monsoon and reduction of GST rates for consumer discretionary goods augur well for rural consumption,” says Suman Chowdhury, the president, Ratings at Acuité Ratings & Research.

Sankar Chakraborti, CEO at Acuité Ratings & Research shares his views on the state of Indian economy and corporate India in an exclusive #interview with Kumar Shankar Roy at Karvy Finapolis

02 Jul 2018

The Finapolis

Kumar Shankar Roy caught up with Sankar Chakraborti, who as CEO is spearheading Acuité Ratings & Research's journey. Chakraborti, who is also an independent director on the board of Indian Oil Corp, over the years in his roles at CRISIL and the Centre for Monitoring Economy (CMIE) has had a ring-side of view of how corporates, economies, and governments function.

Acuité President - Ratings, Suman Chowdhury comments on Govt’s capital infusion in PSBs

02 Jul 2018 | | | | | | (The Pioneer) | | | |

"It reinforces our belief that the government would continue to support the PSBs particularly those under PCA (prompt corrective action) of the RBI and would not allow regulatory capital breaches which might lead to defaults in hybrid and perpetual instruments," Chowdhury said in a statement.

Acuité Lead Economist, Karan Mehrishi comments on the impact of Rupee closing at an all-time low

02 Jul 2018

The Times of India | Economic Times | India Today | NDTV | BUSINESSWORLD

"The Rupee has been one of the worst performing currencies among peers... Against the US dollar, it has depreciated by 6.6 per cent in calendar year 2018 and 8 per cent year to date. Adding to our concern is the increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve, which has now initiated a reversal of the Quantitative Easing (QE) - marking an end to global easy money," Karan Mehrishi, Lead Economist at Acuité Ratings & Research, said.

Acuité expects MSMEs and mid-corporates to mobilize around Rs. 6 lakh Cr. Of additional debt over the next two years to meet their working capital as also capex requirements

27 June 2018 | | | | | | | – TOI

"These figures reinforce the belief that the MSME sector is already on a recovery path and should continue to sustain the improved performance in FY19", Acuité Ratings CEO Sankar Chakraborti said.

NBFCs and private sector banks have a significant opportunity to scale up their business by Rs. 4.5 lakh Cr. In the mid-corporate and MSME space over the next 2 years

12 June 2018 | | | | – DNA

"As on date, 11 PSBs have already been placed under PCA, resulting in deceleration in their loan book growth. For these 11 banks, overall loan book has degrown by around 3.3% in 2017-18 on the back of a de-growth of 3.6% in the previous year, primarily due to slowdown in lending to MSMEs and mid-corporates", Acuité Ratings & Research said in note.

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