Media Releases

7th Jun 24Moderation in PMI print, underlying momentum still visible
2nd Jun 24Positive start to Core Output in FY25
9th May 24PMI indices continue to reflect the economic momentum
1st May 24Core Sector adds to India’s robust GDP growth
29th Apr, an Acuité Group Company, secures Category 1 ESG Rating Providers' Registration from SEBI
8th Apr 24PMI ends on a strong note in FY24
5th Apr 24Core Sector remains a key growth driver
9th Mar 24PMI indices continue to remain steady
5th Mar 24Modest YoY growth hides underlying strength in core sector
24th Feb 24AMEP Index signals moderation in GDP growth
6th Feb 24PMI indices start on a good note in CY24
5th Feb 24Expected moderation in Core Sector growth
25th Jan 24Union Budget Feb 2024 : Key Expectations
8th Jan 24Continuing moderation in PMI Indices
2nd Jan 24Core remains in a steady trajectory
2nd Jan 24Signs of a moderate slowdown in H2F24
6th Dec 23Further moderation in the PMI indices
1st Dec 23Core sector continues to show broad-based growth
21st Nov 23Festival fever drives AMEP to a peak in Oct-23
9th Nov 23Good festive season so far for the auto sector
3rd Nov 23PMI indices start to descend from the high levels
2nd Nov 23Moderation in Core Sector Growth in Sep-23
18th Oct 23AMEP displays steady growth with onset of festive season
12th Oct 23Festive spirit pushes up auto sector growth
7th Oct 23PMI indices hold their ground at high levels
3rd Oct 23Core Sector growth spurts to a 14 month high
26th Sep 23New Virtuous Cycle for Indian Microfinance Sector
21st Sep 23Healthy recovery in AMEP index in Aug-23
6th Sep 23Auto sector gets the festive touch
5th Sep 23Good going on both the PMI indices
2nd Sep 23Steady momentum in the core sector
29th Aug 23India GDP Growth-FY24: Weaker Visibility after a Solid Q1
21st Aug 23Index signals a moderate slowdown in growth momentum
8th Aug 23Volume growth in auto sector set to be moderate in FY24
4th Aug 23PMI indices display resilience at high levels
22nd Jul 23AMEP index slightly disappoints in Jun-23
7th Jul 23Healthy outlook for CV and PVs, challenges remain in 2Ws
6th Jul 23PMI Indices firmly remain in expansionary territory
21st Jun 23AMEP index springs a surprise in May
6th Jun 23Steady uptick in PMI Manufacturing a pleasant surprise
26th May 23AMEP shifts to a slower lane in Apr-23
4th May 23PMI Services logs a record high
20th Apr 23AMEP index reaches a new high in Mar-23
10th Apr 23FY23 ends with healthy auto demand
9th Apr 23PMI indices remain resilient
6th Apr 23Corporate Credit Quality: FY23
30th Mar 23Healthy revival in the retail securitisation market
21st Mar 23AMEP index continues to display resilience
27th Feb 23AMEP index holds on despite headwinds
30th Jan 23The wean, lean, sheen and green Budget
23rd Jan 23AMEP index under global slowdown effect
13th Dec 22Still some time away from an inflation pivot
5th Dec 22Healthy PMI despite growth concerns
1st Dec 22Core sector growth eases to a 20-month low
30th Nov 22Domestic demand pulls GDP growth to 6.3% in Q2FY23
22nd Nov 22AMEP index reflects domestic economic resilience
17th Nov 22Sluggish export performance widens trade deficit in Oct-22
14th Nov 22Moderation in both CPI and WPI print in Oct-22
11th Nov 22Sep IIP: Offers some comfort but global headwinds to weigh
4th Nov 22PMI indices display resilience despite external headwinds
31st Oct 22Supportive base leads to a healthy growth print in core sector
27th Oct 22Festive cheer lifts AMEP index to a record high level
14th Oct 22WPI inflation continues its descent
13th Oct 22IIP slips into contraction after 18-months
13th Oct 22Seasonality partly behind the moderation in PMI print
12th Oct 22Higher food prices continue to hold up CPI inflation over 7.0%
3rd Oct 22Diminishing base support eases core sector output
30th Sep 22RBI continues its protracted battle against inflation
26th Sep 22Credit growth back at its pre-pandemic levels
26th Sep 22RBI Policy Preview Sep-22: MPC likely to raise rates by 50 bps
19th Sep 22AMEP index: Charting the course of a moderate recovery
14th Sep 22WPI inflation further eases to an 11-month low
13th Sep 22Loss of favourable base shrinks IIP growth to a 4-month low
12th Sep 22Rise in food prices reverses three-month downtrend in CPI inflation
7th Sep 22PMI print continues to keep alive strong growth hopes in FY23
7th Sep 22Not much relief yet on the trade deficit front
1st Sep 22Q1FY23 GDP Growth: Double digit but lower than expectations
29th Aug 22Q1 FY23 GDP likely to be in the band of 15%-16% YoY
23rd Aug 22Mixed signals on economy emerge from AMEP index
22nd Aug 22MPC Aug-22 Minutes: More front loading likely
16th Aug 22WPI inflation eases to a five month low
16th Aug 22Jun-22 IIP: Base factor continues to keep growth in double digits
12th Aug 22July CPI signals a drop in inflationary headwinds
8th Aug 22PMI manufacturing and services remain resilient to global headwinds
8th Aug 22Strong signs of a broad based recovery in domestic auto market
5th Aug 22RBI continues on the road of rate hikes
31st Jul 22Sequential weakness in most core sectors in Jun-22
19th Jul 22AMEP index: Keeping the growth optimism alive
15th Jul 22Wholesale inflation cools slightly in Jun-22
13th Jul 22IIP growth spurts in May-22 due to base factor
12th Jul 22June CPI: Offers some comfort, but risks persist
8th Jul 22Higher CAD adds to the INR depreciation pressures
6th Jul 22PMI: Manufacturing at 9-month low, Services at 11-year high
4th Jul 22Broad-based recovery across segments bodes well for auto sector
1st Jul 22Base factor drives core sector growth to a thirteen-month high
23rd Jun 22MPC Minutes: Jun-22: All eyes on inflation
17th Jun 22Slower but steady recovery, indicates AMEP index
14th Jun 22May-22 WPI inflation moves up to a new high
13th Jun 22Change in inflation alert to ‘orange’ from ‘red’
10th Jun 22Base factor pushes up IIP in Apr-22 to an 8-month high
8th Jun 22RBI frontloads rate hike amid increased inflationary headwinds
6th Jun 22High commodity prices continue to weigh on trade deficit
4th Jun 22PMI print indicates ongoing recovery despite inflation threat
3rd Jun 22Demand - still uncertain in PVs, improving in 2Ws and robust in CV
2nd Jun 22Six month high Core Sector print masks underlying challenges
1st Jun 22Fiscal uncertainty skips FY22, but clouds FY23
1st Jun 22FY22 GDP growth reflects steady recovery from pandemic
25th May 22Global inflation surge leads to synchronized rate hikes
23rd May 22Govt joins RBI in the war against inflation
20th May 22MPC Minutes: May-22 : Inflation threat drives consensus on frontloading of rate hikes
18th May 22AMEP index signals steady but slower recovery
17th May 22Apr-22 WPI inflation surges to a record high
13th May 22Visible moderation in industrial growth
12th May 22Red alert on India’s CPI inflation
5th May 22PMI starts off in FY23 on a good note
5th May 22High commodity prices weigh on India’s external sector
4th May 22So here comes the rate hike!
4th May 222W demand witnesses green shoots, CV demand steady
2nd May 22Core sector growth slows to 4.3% in Mar-22
29th Apr 22N. S. Vishwanathan Appointed as Chairman of Acuité Ratings & Research Ltd.
25th Apr 22MPC Minutes - Apr-22 : Consensus on orderly withdrawal of accommodation
18th Apr 22Mar-22 WPI: Inflationary headwinds intensify
15th Apr 22Year-end economic activity fires up the AMEP index
13th Apr 22Feb-22 IIP: Signs of a slow revival in some industrial sectors
13th Apr 22Stronger inflationary headwinds, economy in for a bumpy ride
8th Apr 22Biting the bullet: RBI prioritizes inflation over growth
6th Apr 22Geopolitical risks weigh on PMI manufacturing; PMI services improves
6th Apr 22High crude oil prices set to push up trade deficit further
5th Apr 22Gradual recovery in PV demand, weakness persists in 2Ws
1st Apr 22Core sector growth records a four month high
31st Mar 22Geopolitical risks add to India’s inflation woes
21st Mar 22AMEP index yet to reflect a post Omicron recovery
14th Mar 22Feb-22 Inflation: Risks getting entrenched
14th Mar 22Jan-22 IIP: Omicron dents sequential industrial recovery
4th Mar 22Covid’s retreat improves PMI manufacturing and services in Feb-22
3rd Mar 22Surge in crude oil prices widens trade deficit in Feb-22
2nd Mar 22CV remains outperformer; continuing weakness in 2Ws a concern
1st Mar 22Omicron causes a temporary glitch in core sector growth
1st Mar 22Higher base weighs down Q3 FY22 GDP
25th Feb 22MPC Minutes: Feb-22: RBI stays dovish with consensus to support growth
23rd Feb 22The revival of India’s credit growth
17th Feb 22Omicron holds down the AMEP index
15th Feb 22Omicron tapers trade deficit in Jan-22
14th Feb 22CPI touches upper tolerance band of MPC; WPI eases marginally
11th Feb 22Dec-21 IIP: Unfavourable base plays spoilsport
10th Feb 22MPC Feb-22: Omicron derails policy normalization path
7th Feb 22CV recovery in progress, sequential improvement in PV and 2W
4th Feb 22MPC Feb-22 Preview: Policy normalization may not be far away
4th Feb 22India’s PMI trajectory slows further in Jan-22
2nd Feb 22Union Budget FY23: CAPEX set to be a booster shot for growth
1st Feb 22Economic Survey FY22: Optimistic on growth, Cautious on inflation
18th Jan 22AMEP index regains some strength post the seasonal dip
14th Jan 22WPI inflation- yet to be in comfort zone
14th Jan 22Export and Imports rise to record high levels
13th Jan 22Nov-21 IIP- An unpleasant surprise
12th Jan 22Base factor puts CPI inflation on an upward trajectory
8th Jan 22NSO pegs FY22 GDP growth at 9.2%
6th Jan 22PMI manufacturing and services moderate to a 3-month low
4th Jan 22Recovery in CV but persistent weakness in PV and 2Ws
1st Jan 22Core sector growth slows to a 9-month low
29th Dec 21Strong dollar, higher trade deficit and FPI outflows trigger INR volatility
27th Dec 21MPC Minutes: Dec-21: Support for growth in backdrop of higher global risks
22nd Dec 21AMEP index shows a loss in recovery momentum
14th Dec 21WPI inflation rises to a record high
13th Dec 21Food prices nudge CPI inflation higher
11th Dec 21Sequential industrial expansion in Oct-21
8th Dec 21New Covid variant defers policy normalization further
3rd Dec 21PMI manufacturing and services continue to remain robust
2nd Dec 21Slowdown continues in the auto lane
1st Dec 21Core sector output rebounds in Oct-21
1st Dec 21India’s GDP back to its pre-Covid levels
30th Nov 21Visible signs of monetary policy normalization in India
25th Nov 21Q2FY22 GDP expected to grow at 8.5% YoY: Acuité Ratings
22nd Nov 21AMEP index at a post pandemic high amid festive tailwinds
16th Nov 21Record high in non-oil non-gold imports augur well for economic recovery
15th Nov 21WPI inflation rises to a 5 month high
13th Nov 21IIP–Sep’21: Slowdown in industrial activity surfaces as favourable base wanes
13th Nov 21CPI-Oct’21: Favourable base masks incremental price pressures
8th Nov 21PMI trajectory raises hopes of better growth recovery in Q3FY22
3rd Nov 21Weakness in rural demand and semiconductor shortages continue to hit auto sales
2nd Nov 21Tax buoyancy improves India’s fiscal position
29th Oct 21Core sector output hits a 4 month low after May-21
28th Oct 21Acuité Ratings takes the next step in incorporating ESG factors in ratings
25th Oct 21MPC minutes: Emphasis on nurturing uneven growth
22nd Oct 21 India’s gold imports at a decade high level in H1 FY22
21st Oct 21Acuité launches Macroeconomic Performance Index
16th Oct 21Monthly Trade deficit jumps to an all time high
14th Oct 21Core WPI Inflation remains high despite drop in food inflation
13th Oct 21Largely steady trajectory in Aug’21 industrial activity but sequential loss of momentum visible
12th Oct 21Favourable base factor and benign food prices drive down headline inflation
8th Oct 21RBI Monetary Policy Oct’21 – baby steps in the path of gradual normalization
8th Oct 21Chip roadblock in PVs, 2W and CV demand likely to speed up
5th Oct 21Raw material shortages and higher input prices near term risks to India’s PMI trajectory
1st Oct 21Core Sector activity set to exceed pre-pandemic levels
29th Sep 21Acuité Ratings is the first CRA from India to become a signatory to UNPRI’s “ESG in Credit Risk and Ratings Statement”
24th Sep 21Healthy Kharif Crop estimates moderate food inflation risks
20th Sep 21Significant divergence between global and domestic food inflation
16th Sep 21Exports driving economic recovery in India
14th Sep 21Moderation in food Inflation provides relief to policy makers, WPI print to make core inflation sticky
11th Sep 21Industrial activity set to surpass pre-pandemic levels in near term
7th Sep 21Services emerging out of the shadows, supply shortages slowing down manufacturing revival
2nd Sep 21CVs pick up, PVs face semiconductor challenge
1st Sep 21Robust statistical growth print masks the moderate momentum in economic recovery
1st Sep 21Core sector output close to pre-pandemic levels
27th Aug 21US Fed taper fears enhances exit risks for FII investors
25th Aug 21Base factor, industrial resilience and exports to deliver strong Q1 growth print
23rd Aug 21MPC minutes reflect an initiation of debate on policy normalization
13th Aug 21Unlocking post Covid 2.0 shows up in IIP and CPI print
6th Aug 21No surprises from RBI but a small step towards policy normalization
5th Aug 21Extended pause on rates but any change in MPC’s liquidity stance will be a monitorable
3rd Aug 21Pent up demand supported by a favourable base, drives auto sector growth print
2nd Aug 21Steel, cement and power driving recovery in core sector
16th Jul 21Monthly trade deficit set to revert to USD 11-12 billion
14th Jul 21Higher pass through of manufacturing costs to feed retail inflation
13th Jul 21CPI, IIP data throw up both inflation and growth risks
8th Jul 21Covid 2.0 hits MFIs, small NBFCs but govt measures to provide relief
1st Jul 21New fiscal measures to provide support to Covid stressed sectors
28th Jun 21PRIME Database and Acuité Ratings collaborate to offer a comprehensive database on credit rating migrations
21st Jun 21Pandemic drives profitability and consolidation in cement sector
16th Jun 21Broad based inflationary pressures visible in CPI print of May-21
14th Jun 21WPI surge reflects pass through of higher manufacturing costs
5th Jun 21RBI Monetary Policy: Unequivocally accommodative
1st Jun 21GVA growth in Q4FY21 holds promise for FY22 if Covid threat subsides by June
31st May 21ECLGS fairly effective in providing liquidity support to Covid hit smaller businesses
25th May 21FDI outlook positive over the medium term
19th May 21WPI Inflation intensifies further, reveals underlying inflationary pressures
17th May 21Trade buoyancy in April 2021 beyond the base factor pleasantly surprising
13th May 21Base effect at play for the April CPI and March IIP figures
10th May 21RBI’s relief measures timely for the MFI sector
5th May 21RBI Covid 2.0 Relief Package to ensure adequate access to funds amidst additional asset quality risks
16th Apr 21Covid led favourable trade deficit in FY21, normalization under way
16th Apr 21Favourable monsoon forecasts come as a relief for the besieged economy
15th Apr 21Sharply rising WPI inflation may aggravate further in second Covid wave
12th Apr 21Upside risks to inflation unlikely to drive monetary policy decisions in near term
12th Apr 21Sustained weakness in IIP along with longer lockdowns may bring downside risks to growth in FY22
7th Apr 21Reaffirmation of accommodative monetary policy to support the nascent growth momentum
5th Apr 21March Auto data keeps up growth hopes amidst resurgence of the pandemic
29th Jan 21Union Budget 2021: Growth priority but medium-term strategy on fiscal recovery is critical
11th Jan 21Acuité launches India’s first ESG rating company: ESG Risk – Assessments & Insights
26th Aug 20Stagflation risks spills over to the bond markets
25th Aug 20Shifting global dynamics can structurally improve India’s trade deficit
19th Aug 20Stagflation risks on the horizon
7th Jul 20Indian Railways is on the right track to reform
22nd Jun 20India can reduce China trade deficit by over $8 billion in FY21-22
29th Apr 20Fiscal Stimulus equivalent to 4.8% of GDP desirable: Acuité
24th Apr 20NBFC and MFIs’ overall funding gap to rise further to Rs.50,000-60,000 Cr
15th Apr 20Covid Crisis an opportunity for agriculture marketing reforms
7th Apr 20COVID-19 intensifies headwinds for NBFCs
2nd Apr 20COVID-19 threatens to hit India’s growth trajectory further
28th Mar 20COVID-19 unlikely to put rupee under ventilator
14th Mar 20COVID-19 to severely impact domestic airline operations
13th Mar 20Lower global oil prices positive for India’s fiscal deficit
13th Feb 20Inflation and IIP data reinforce RBI’s “patiently hold” policy
3rd Feb 20Union Budget 2020: Impact Analysis
5th Dec 19Prepaid tariff hikes not adequate for sustainability of telecom sector
22nd Nov 19Fresh iron ore mine auction positive for steel sector but to cause short-term disruptions
14th Nov 19CPI inflation nearing 5% likely to lead to a pause in rate cuts
30th Oct 19Kharif crop shortfall despite good monsoon to push up near term food inflation
25th Oct 19Auto Cos’ likely to witness a revenue decline of ~Rs. 20,000 crore on-year in Q2FY20
23rd Oct 19CPI inflation set to inch up to the 4%-6% band in H2 FY20
27th Sep 19India’s automobile sector on cusp of a transformation
25th Sep 19Fiscal deficit may still be limited to 3.5-3.6%
29th Aug 19Revival in imported coal-based UMPPs drive 40% surge in Indian coal imports
28th Aug 19RBI’s surplus transfer to strengthen the fiscal flexibility of Government
22nd Aug 19SEBI move to take borrower consent for critical lenders' data a significant step
19th Aug 19HC stay order on renewable tariffs renegotiation in AP, a welcome relief
14th Aug 19State floods : Avoidable disasters
12th Aug 19RBI nudges for growth in monetary policy
6th Aug 19Revival in monsoon rains to bring some cheer back to the economy
17th Jun 19The core and fuel baskets, which collectively account for around 60% in the overall index may offset the rising food inflation in the near to medium term
14th Mar 19Mr. S S Mundra Appointed as Chairman of Acuité Ratings & Research Limited
15th Feb 19Overweight food basket driving India’s CPI trajectory
21st Dec 18Resilience in the Indian economy
19th Dec 18e-NAM; a key to improve farm incomes
6th Nov 18Fresh impetus to the MSME sector
29th Oct 18NRI deposits highest since FY14
24th Sep 18Co-origination lending: A potential solution to NBFCs’ funding challenges
3rd Sep 18India's growth momentum building up
24th Aug 18Floods to have a significant impact on the Kerala economy
25th Jul 18GST rationalisation to strengthen demand for consumer discretionary
25th Jun 18Signs of vibrancy in the MSME sector
11th Jun 18Rs. 4.5 lakh Cr. lending opportunity for NBFCs and private sector banks
1st Jun 18Modicare - a big leap towards universal health coverage